What to wear to a Wedding as a Guest

The dress code for a wedding is usually formal. The men wear suits and the ladies wear evening dresses. If you’re unsure how formal to dress, always ask the bride or groom. You can also judge by the type of crowd invited, as well as the location of the event.

The wealthier the crowd, the more extravagantly people will be dressed. The simpler the wedding is, the less formal you need to be. That’s pretty straight forward.

As a general rule, I would say a gown or mid length dress is a great option. No mini dresses or sexy outfits! A wedding is usually a classy, elegant and refined affair and you need to dress accordingly. Plus, there are always elderly people around so you need to show respect towards them and their generation. It’s part of good etiquette.

With regards to color, it’s a big no-no to wear a white dress as a guest. Be also careful with “white-ish” colors like champagne, pale nude or pink. If you still want to wear them, you can ask the bride or groom what color the bridesmaids dresses are so you don’t show up dressed the same as them. It’s bad manners if you do!

Here are some wedding guest outfit inspiration for this summer. As you can see, some ladies really go all in with their outfits.

wedding guest dress diana_yevdokimova
wedding guest dress kseniya_yakubovskaya
ulyana_k with wedding outfit
rasario wearing a wedding outfit
laurazeeuwen with an elegant outfit

elegant dress for wedding

iness_ulka wearing a wedding dress
nataliproko wearing an elegant wedding dress
vitusavi with an elegant wedding dress
lauradjaga wearing an elegant outfit
olgaibragimova with a wedding dress
zara_rossi weraing an elegant wedding dress
ramonfilip with an elegant dress
annaegiaz wearing an elegant dress
katekokoreva wearing a dress
melanieribbe with a classy wedding dress
tati_vk with a classy wedding dress
wedding attire dashayanina

elegant wedding dress

irada24 wedding attire
wedding guest dress lauradjaga
wedding guest dress natayakim