This Is Why You’re Still In The Same Place As You Were Last Year

What changes do you want to make in your life? What did you wish for last year that did not come true? Were they all realistic goals? What did you do to achieve them?

So many questions without enough answers…

I am writing this post from my own experience. Because I was that person who used to ask these questions:

”Why am I still in the same place I was in last year?!”
“Why has there been zero improvements so far?!”

I have always seen myself as an ambitious person who can easily start projects (Hello Aries!), but in some areas in my life, I have not been very successful, and before I could never understand why…


How to succeed with your goals

Do you know what happens the day you wake up, and you slam your hand against the table, saying you have had enough?Magic starts to happen…When a lady has reached a turning point in life where she feels that she cannot continue in the same way, that immediate change must happen.

How to succeed with your goals

It is called awakening, but not in the spiritual way. What I’m talking about is when you wake up, smell the coffee and realize you need to take responsibility for your life, your actions, and whatever it is that you really want!This awakening is gold because it is the beginning of the momentum when your engine heats up and you are ready to begin this journey. But you’ll need fuel to drive, and your motivation will fuel your car until your end destination. The only question is where to get this fuel to start out with? It is easy to feel motivated today, but not as much tomorrow. In the past this is where your journey has stopped.

How to succeed with your goals

Various sources of fuel:

Fuel #1: When you are really, really, really, fed up with something, and you are so desperate for change, you cannot go back to the way things were…
Fuel #2: When the end goal taunts you like crazy…
Fuel #3: When you know that you have no other choice but to make it happen….
Fuel #4: When you feel a burning desire for the outcome and want it badly enough despite all the sacrifices to get there…
Fuel #5: When you focus on how happy you will be with your goal accomplished and can feel the benefits coming…

How to succeed with your goals

But the reason why you are still where you were last year is most probably some of these…

You did not dare to do what you really wanted
You did not take action to get there
You did not make the necessary sacrifices
You quit too early
You never really started
You only dreamt about it but never acted on it
You let negative thoughts hold you back
You got so overwhelmed it made you paralyzed
Your worries got in the way
You got in your way

Anyone recognizes themselves?

How to succeed with your goals

Once I took action & I got my momentum going, I could not remember how my life was before. Now, I know I could never go back to the person I was back then. It was worth facing my demons, and feeling uncomfortable at times, because life has got so much more meaning now.When I’ve hit 1 year, I looked back and said “Wow, I’m so glad I started a year ago, look how far I’ve come!” – That is all because I decided to focus and not let any of the blockages above get to me. Sometimes they did of course, especially on bad days.But I have learned to shake them off and just continue in the discomfort. After having experienced them ruin so many of my not-so-productive years, I have sworn to myself never to let that happen ever again…this time, I am going to be where I want to be, year after year.My mind is set, my tank is fuelled, my journey is about to unfold.If you’re trying to improve but feel like you’re stuck, in our finishing school we help our students to break through these barriers so they can achieve the best version of themselves. So what are you waiting for? Contact and join us now!