How to Stop Being Jealous

three women with towels on their head

I would like to give a reminder to my readers to be confident in themselves, to realise nobody is perfect and that what we see online is not always reality.

This is a blog for fashion and elegant lifestyle inspiration. I don’t want people to drool over the images with jealousy thinking “oh I wish I had her life” or “if I only had all this I would be so happy“.

It’s wrong and I want you to be aware.

When you compare, you despair. As the saying goes, comparison is the thief of joy. Be grateful for your own blessings and work towards your own goals without looking at what other people are doing. Everyone is on a unique journey. I want this blog to be full of positive inspiration.

I promise that you’ll be much happier when you stay focused on yourself and your own goals. I want you all to be inspired, and not obsessed with the lives of other people. I don’t want you to look down on yourself or think you’re worth less just because your life is not the exact same as someone on Instagram. Social media is just a highlight reel. It’s fake, edited and manipulated so comparing your life to what you see online is totally pointless. It’s not all luxurious, elegant and classy.

You’re good just the way you are and nothing will ever change that.

So be happy and be your best self. Improve your life in a healthy way, and not just because you have an idea about how things should or may be. Be real and genuine. Stay grounded. Follow our finishing school blog for more posts like this.

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