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Who is School of Affluence for?

The courses, Masterclasses, and workshops in School of Affluence are for all women who want to live more refined and abundant lives, regardless of their age, color, faith, or sexual orientation. The content celebrates the essence and impact of of elite femininity on quality of life, and the curriculum is suitable for all ladies who seek to enhance their current situations though learning and doing.

Can I just watch Anna's YouTube videos and learn the same things as the SOA programs?

While Anna is very generous with the amount of free content she provides on her social media channels, the material in her for-fee courses is very different. On YouTube, Anna touches on common areas for which women seek answers. But unfortunately, she cannot go into the type of depth that is necessary to incorporate the behavioral and mindset changes that are needed for sustainable personal growth, like she can with the material that she shares with her students. Her free content allows viewers to sample her messaging and style, and determine for themselves if they are a good fit for one of her courses.

What's the difference between School of Affluence courses and just reading some self-help books or doing some web searches?

We live in an age where all the knowledge in all of the world on any topic at all is in the palm of our hand. And it can be overwhelming! While in theory you can learn anything from books or on the internet these days, not having a paced and organized course of study makes learning chaotic and sporadic. Many students at one point or another tried to empower themselves by learning elite feminine elegance on their own, but ended up preferring to skip the frustration and constant searching for the logical and easy-to-follow structure and curated material in Anna's self-study courses. One reason for the high success rate of her students is the peer accountability that solo research finds lacking.

Are the ladies in your testimonials actors or real students?

All testimonials are from real students that are delighted with their transformations after taking Anna's courses!

Is Anna a school teacher ?

Anna teaches her course curriculum in personal development through her online finishing school, School of Affluence. She is not a teacher in the public or private school system.

My style is very different than Anna's! Can I still benefit from her courses?

Of course! Anna's style is her own; she doesn't flash a lot of labels and keeps her personal life fairly quiet. But Anna understands that others may have a more flamboyant or dramatic flair for fashion or lifestyle, and her course material celebrates the diversity of personal taste!

What are Anna's credentials?

Anna holds a diploma in Online Marketing, a professional Matchmaker Certification from The Matchmaking Institute in New York (the world's only matchmaking certifying body), is a graduate of Institute Villa Pierrefeu (an elite Swiss finishing school), and is certified by Color Me Beautiful TM as an Image Consultant. Her learned experience includes elevating the modest lifestyle she experienced while growing up through her savvy social and material research, hard work, networking skills, and willingness to never give up on her dreams of a full, exciting, and elegant life. Anna has been a public blogging personality for more than a decade, and her YouTube channel is enjoyed by over three quarters of a million followers. She is the creator of two popular online self-development courses for ladies, and a series of Masterclasses.

Can I engage Anna for 1:1 coaching classes?

Anna focuses on creating courses and content that help a large number of women improve their lives. She achieves this though teaching her systematic, strategic approach to changing self-limiting behaviors through mindset and self-worth enhancing skills. While Anna enjoys meeting her students, at this time her courses are the best way to take advantage of her expertise.

There are other courses about femininity and leveling up. Why should I buy Anna's course and not one from her competitors?

As is the norm for a trailblazer in any field, others will follow in their tracks. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Anna is a pioneer in her niche, and remains an benchmark leader in the field of empowered and inspired feminine elegance lifestyles, actualized through personal development. Her courses are both relatable and actionable, which are the main factors for student engagement ...and success.

I saw a femininity course that's cheaper. Is Anna's course worth it?

Anna's material is based on her proven methodology, and she shares her uniquely effective expertise in in easily-actionable learning programs. Her ability to connect her students to their dreams and dare them to experience the lives they desire has helped thousands of women (in Anna's internationally-applicable course) around the world achieve happier, more elevated, beautiful lives. How seriously do you want to pursue your dreams?

What makes Anna's programs so original?

Anna's teachings are based on a key combination of critical qualifications: her many years of research, her certifications, and her forthright "trial and error" lived experience. A true believer in allowing others to learn from her mistakes and triumphs, Anna has never shied away from taking risks and testing her theories in pursuit of the most effective path to lifestyle and social success. While she has never personally experienced anyone else's courses in her niche, Anna does credit her "mentors": the glamorous and elegant women she admired and befriended over the years, who served as her role models and inspiration.

Is Anna the real deal?

Yes! Anna actually did, researched, studied, learned and lived everything she shares in her courses. A passionate advocate of meaningful projects, Anna has always worked diligently throughout her career to successfully pursue her dreams of a more elegant, refined, and abundant lifestyle. She has forged her path through her own initiative, and can help any woman of any background or age committed to her lifestyle goals learn the tools and techniques necessary to succeed.

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