Elite Beauty ABC: A is “Always Look Your Best”

As an introduction to my new series “Elite Beauty ABC” I will present the letter A. A as in “Always Look Your Best”. You see, an elegant lady cannot only wear beautiful clothes, expensive handbags and designer shoes if the rest of her look is not polished. To look like you have that ”something special” you have to be on top of your game. That is the only way to be separated from the rest and establish yourself as a classy, sophisticated lady.


aliyah raey posing for camera

How to always look your best

So what is the secret? What makes some ladies have that special essence around them and some not? How do some ladies make such a confident entrance? Why do some women look so incredibly expensive and classy?

The answer is that they go all in and are polished from head to toe with no exceptions!

The expression ”more is more” is very powerful in this sense. The more details you work on, the more you will look your best. Pay attention to the details, that’s what makes the entire look.


elegant woman next to river

Some women just pay attention to what they think is most noticeable, like their hair, makeup and clothing. However, you really should be focusing on every detail. This includes eyebrows, lashes, feet, skin, fragrance, tan and much more. The list goes on and can be personalized. That’s the secret to looking and feeling like a million dollars. So ladies, try to go all out and work what you’ve got! You’ll instantly feel more classy and feminine.

You don’t need to be born with the best genes or look like a supermodel to look amazing. With the right knowledge, courage and effort you can turn yourself into the girl who will make heads turn and truly make an entrance. I know this is true because I have done it myself. I have seen many ladies going from a Plain Jane to absolute bombshells and it’s inspiring every time.


olga stt posing for instagram

Let’s take initiative to look our absolute best. Ladies, deep inside we are all elegant and beautiful. We just need to find it within ourselves! Join our finishing school where we give you the best tips and teach you how to always look perfect.