Secrets of the Elite Woman

Our flagship program, Secrets of the Elite Woman is Anna Bey's life-changing, all-encompassing course that focuses on elevating every area of women's lives! It is comprised of six sequential modules and a generous suite of bonus content, all of which supports and further enhances the course material. Each module's lessons and learnings have been crafted so that they underpin the next. Inspiring, challenging, enjoyable, exhilarating, and ultimately empowering, this course contains over 150 lessons. A private Student Community is also provided to allow students on-platform networking in a supportive, safe environment. Surrounded by likeminded ladies, students are encouraged to explore their journeys to elite femininity as deeply and honestly as they wish, under the freedom of anonymity. Downloadable and editable workbooks for each module are supplied for our students. The course modules are:

• Mapping the Mind of the Elite Woman
• Harnessing Your Star Quality
• Unveiling the Mystique of Elite Femininity
• Decoding the Elite Woman's Style
• The Hidden Power of Poise in Elite Society
• Social Circle Secrets of Success

School of Affluence's enrollment to Secrets of the Elite Woman is currently closed. Please supply your email address in our Waitlist area to join our newsletter, and be informed when the next enrollment session opens. In the meantime, we do offer two Masterclasses, each approximately 45 minutes long, with immediate access available upon payment. Why not take a Masterclass while awaiting the next SOTEW session?


The A-List: A Private Members’ Club

The A-List is an online private members’ club designed to connect you with like-minded ladies who are passionate about fine-living and everything elegance. The private and secured space can be used to browse premium and exclusive content from members, School of Affluence, and Anna Bey herself. It’s a user-friendly experience, allowing you to form valuable friendships and expand your social circle locally and internationally! After signing up to The A-List, you’ll have immediate access to all of the following:

• Geolocator detecting other members in your area.
• Virtual and in-person events organized by members and/or yourself.
• Exclusive, premium content on the A-Z of elegance and fine-living.
• Discussion lounges which include conversation forums as well as resources on luxury lifestyle, career and finance, fine dining, travel and jet-set calendars, fashion and beauty, health and wellness, dating, and much more.
• Comprehensive guides on all of your most requested topics, like fashion, dating, and networking among other things.
• The ability to make new friends, life-long relationships, and irreplaceable memories.
• Enrollment to The A-List is currently closed. Please supply your email address in our Waitlist area to join our newsletter, and be informed when the next enrollment session opens.



Masterclass: How to tell if a man is affluent

Develop confidence in assessing potential men with little-known, “secret sequences” that prevent the wasting of your time, energy, and money on disappointing pretenders. Anna Bey teaches you her own methods and evaluation formulas to recognize the tells and signals that indicate a man is--or isn’t--as affluent as he’d lead others to believe. These are the same techniques that are used by the world’s most elite and savvy women for an exclusive social edge! Students will learn...

• How to determine the different affluent men crowds
• What to look at first on a man (it’s not his watch!)
• The grooming giveaways
• Questioning strategies (without sounding like you’re interrogating him!)
• The restaurant tests
• Subtle conversation cues that will tell you what you need to know
• If he is prioritizing what truly affluent do
• Verification cross-referencing techniques

.…and much more!



Masterclass: How to look expensive

What does your appearance give away about you? There’s a specific formula that affluent women use when putting together an outfit that guarantees that they’ll ALWAYS Look expensive! In this special Masterclass, Anna Bey teaches you these strategies (that she herself uses), step-by-step, developed by the world’s most experienced and elite women to look chic and luxurious…every time!
Students will learn how to:

• Avoid the “beginner mistakes” (that most women rarely stop making)
• Save money by avoiding the wrong items
• Fast track your wardrobe shopping with instant Yesses or Nos
• Use those “figure hacks” that always make you look your best
• Spot and curate your fundamental Key Items
• Demystify accessories (and stop focusing on all the wrong ones)
• Become a magnet that attracts attention for all the RIGHT reasons
• Effortlessly blend in with elite social circles

...and many more affluent style nuances!



The 7 step Formula to High Society

Our original program, The 7 Step Formula to High Society was an express course that prepared women to socialize with elite society in as little as three weeks! With a preference towards hypergamy, this course was created for women who unabashedly wanted the finer things in life, and the content was focused specifically on physical presentation, social image, and networking skills to improve social standing. Course modules included:

• Do What the Rich People Do
• Improve your Personal Presence
• Develop An Affluent Image
• Make Friends With The Elite
• Date the Elite
• Successful Strategies Level 1
• Successful Strategies Level 2