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My biggest epiphany through taking this course was that it's all possible. I have no limiting beliefs. I strongly feel that I deserve to live how I want to. I strongly believe that it is attainable for myself.

- Carla Sophia

But that's the biggest example that I am now interacting with these men that are of a higher caliber in comparison to before when I took the courses. And I really didn't have an idea of the type of partner that I was looking for. So that's a big example.

- Gretchen

It was absolutely life-changing for me because I find that my confidence has skyrocketed since taking the program.

- Sharon

I've been able to use Anna's template to more accurately assess my look and my lifestyle to determine what areas have been holding me back in achieving the type of life that I would like to have.

- Sally

Learning what a respectable person looks like and how they pair their clothes, what fabric they choose and why they select certain cuts, and what's good for my body type and what colors I should be wearing. All of that I did not know. And learning that has definitely helped improve the way people see me.

- New Rose Glow

Being taught how to behave in public settings was my biggest takeaway.

- Kimberly

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