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My classy coaching and etiquette guidance continues… Some of it you may already know, some may be new… Regardless, it’s always very useful to freshen up your memory and re-assess your current behavior. I personally always do that, even though I know all these things inside out already. It’s easy sometimes to get lazy and […]


June 18, 2021

10 Things To Avoid If You Want To Be Classy

verybeary classy

If you’re planning on socializing in high society, you probably want to improve your social and dining etiquette so that you act accordingly. I believe having manners and practicing good etiquette is something everyone should adopt, regardless of class and status. Some things are just common courtesy. Going to elegant places will require some extra […]


June 10, 2021

The Ultimate High Society Etiquette

ultimate guide to high society etiquette

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