The Affluent Man’s Game

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The grass is always greener on the other side...

I've already covered how business men are always on a constant chase to acquire more wealth. If we take a look at their women, it's exactly the same story.

Women who end up marrying millionaires don't stop just there.


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Let's say you're an average lady, who comes from a normal family and dreams about getting an affluent husband one day and becoming part of high society.

For now, this is your dream and you probably think that once you end up married to him "then everything will be perfect".

But the chances are it won't!

Because you will be wanting more once you've checked off your first goal from the list.

You will want more and more. You might start craving a bigger house, a more luxurious car, 100 pairs of Louboutins instead of 50, and so on. This is the way life works for the average person who doesn't work on themselves and doesn’t want to better and improve their lives.

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My friend was telling me how the affluent wives she spends time with always compete with each other by measuring their wealth. Apparently, this is extremely common among rich people. They like to play the silent game of "who has the most money".

If A has got a brand new Lambo then B needs to get the same but in a special limited edition version. Or, if A has got a yacht of 40 meters then B has to get the 80 meters one. You get my point.

It's only a very few rich people who live in harmony and don't obsess about constantly wanting more. They simply enjoy and appreciate it. They are more focused on bettering themselves, becoming elegant and having good manners and improving their lifestyle for the right reasons.

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Money and status go hand in hand.

The trigger in the affluent man’s game is the chase for status. It's all about raising your status and being above everyone else.

This is such a bizarre reality in a way as...

...It's all just a mind game.

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I would not want to spend my money in the most ridiculous ways, living a luxurious destructive life as I'd like to call it.

Instead, I would personally invest the money needed in mine and my family's comfort and the maintenance of it. Stupid excess outside that is not interesting for me.

Then with the money I have left, I would invest it in various charity projects I would set up that could make my desired difference in the world.

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It's truly a gift to become rich, because once you have a large amount of money on your hands - you have actually for the first time SUCH A BIG POWER TO MAKE A POSITIVE CHANGE IN THE WORLD.

But it's only a gift if you let go of your ego. If you don't, then being rich can become a disadvantage. If you liked this post, don't forget to follow our finishing school blog for more articles like this one!

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